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A competent Arleta family law attorney and Certified Family Law Expert (Specialist*) with integrity.

Mr. Steven N. Shore, Esq. Certified Family Law Specialist*:

A California Family Law Specialist must have taken and passed a rigourous written examination in family law and have demonstrated a high level of experience and integrity in family law. This highly competent expertise is provided to you at a reasonable low hourly rate.

*Steven N. Shore is the Certified Family Law Specialist at this firm.

Our office also handles numerous issues that commonly arise with Restraining Orders:

Civil Litigation


If a family member, spouse, or sibling has requested Domestic Violence Restraining Orders against you, we can help. These types of Restraining Orders have far-reaching consequences. You may lose custody of your children, barred from receiving spousal support, forced to move out of your home, and prevented from visiting your children’s school. Don’t try to defend yourself alone. Let us help you present your best case to the Court properly.



A former friend, colleague, or other non-family member may file for a Civil Harassment Restraining Order against you on trumped up accusations. A Restraining Order of this type can cause you to lose your job or make it impossible for you to find work. You may be forced to surrender your firearms, even if you are a peace officer. Our office can help you put forth the truth to the Court so that you can protect your livelihood.



California recently passed into law a new type of Restraining Order. A Gun Violence Restraining Order (aka Firearms Restraining Order) can order a family member to surrender their firearms and ammunition. These Restraining Orders can force you to surrender your firearms even if you are a peace officer. Protect your rights to fun ownership, and come into our office for a free consultation today.


WORKPLACE VIOLENCE RESTRAINING ORDER: Have you been wrongly accused of threatening a co-worker or employee? We can help protect you and your job. A Workplace Violence Restraining Order could have severe consequences on your ability to keep your job and your livelihood. Come into our office today for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you present your case to the Court and protect your right to work in peace.


DEPENDENT ADULT/ELDER ABUSE RESTRAINING ORDER: A dependent adult is someone between the ages of 18 and 64 who has disabilities that make him or her unable to protect himself or herself. An elder is someone over the age of 65. Our office can help you present your best case to the Court to defend you against a frivolous request for this type of Restraining Order.

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