High Net Worth Divorce

The simplest definition of a high net worth divorce is a divorce involving a client who has a considerable amount of wealth amassed – generally speaking, this would be someone with at least $5 million in liquid assets. But that’s not anywhere close to being a complete definition, for high net worth divorces typically involve a broad range of financial and legal considerations.

At The Sperling Law Firm, we list high net worth divorces as one of our specialties, specifically because of the level of complexity those cases involve and because of our experience and skill with handling them.

While the accumulation of substantial assets and wealth is clearly a benefit to any married couple, the difficulties of divorce may be compounded as that same couple is faced with the task of dividing the assets and wealth in an equitable manner. Whether it is fear of losing money, questions regarding how to determine the value of volatile investments, or the challenges of valuing businesses, all of these unknowns can understandably cause anxiety

With many years of experience helping clients with the numerous complexities involved in aa divorce, we are readily familiar with the forensic accounting expertise required to analyze and assist with the division of complex estates. With the assistance of these experts and with our years of experience in this field, we will assuage your concerns by providing top-notch assistance during a high net worth divorce.

If you require assistance with a high net worth divorce, you can be rest assured knowing that the dedicated team of experienced attorneys and staff at The Sperling Law Firm will adequately address your case with the attention and professionalism it deserves.