Domestic Partnerships

California partners who are not married may opt to establish a legal domestic partnership to protect their rights and reinforce their commitment to each other. At The Sperling Law Firm, our experienced domestic partnership attorneys understand the many reasons unmarried partners may wish to create a legal relationship as defined under the California Family Code. An official domestic partnership provides security and peace of mind for each party; it also provides legal rights to each partner, similar to that of married couples.

If you are experiencing complications during your registration of domestic partnership, you need to take legal action to make sure you receive full protection under the law. Likewise, if you are looking to file for termination of domestic partnership or dissolution of domestic partnership, an attorney from our firm can assist you in taking the necessary actions to legally terminate your relationship so that you can move forward with your life.

Dissolution of a domestic partnership, like divorce, can be complex, especially when children and shared assets or property are involved. Our experienced attorneys can help you ensure a secure resolution of outstanding issues that are in your best interests. Whether your dissolution involves custody and visitation of minor children, partner support, child support, or division of assets and debts, our team of experts are here to make sure that you get the resolution that is best for you, whether through a litigated or negotiated outcome.