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Finding a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney with experience, competency and negotiation skills is critical.

We have the ability to leverage extensive knowledge of our local courts and systems. Appropriate legal representation will have life-lasting consequences.



Your criminal defense can determine your future home life. Our criminal defense attorneys help you get results you can rely on. In many cases, obtaining acquittals, dismissals and favorable plea bargains.

Our criminal defense attorneys have spent over a decade inside the Los Angeles criminal justice system, dealing extensively with prosecution strategies, search warrant procedures, police tactics and other issues that may be critical in your case.



Domestic volence charges are serious. Do not handle this situation by yourself. Getting to the truth and taking decisive appropriate action is absolutely necessary.

Domestic violence hearings are actually mini-trials that have profound consequences. Ether in family law courts or District Attorney actions, proper and effective representation is critical and can be the difference between your freedon or your incarceration.

A person who is found guilty of domestic violence could lose custody of their children, get removed permanently from the family residence, may not be able to collect spousal support, and can be charged a tremendous amount of attorney fees.

Do not even think of attempting to handle this by yourself. We have heard a few individuals state they will handle the hearing by themselves. “After all I’ll just tell the judge what happened. What could possibly go wrong?” said one disappointed human being.

If you find yourself in an untenable domestic violence situation with no one to turn to for help, please contact the following domestic violence shelters for assistance.

We welcome your calls. Keep in mind, unlike other establishments, our firm’s policy is not to over-charge for telephone calls, faxes or copies. In many instances, our firm will charge a flat fee for services.

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