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A Certified Family Law Specialist is available at our firm.

A California Family Law Specialist must take and pass a rigorous written examination in family law and has demonstrated a high level of experience and integrity in family law.

This highly competent expertise is provided to you at a reasonable low hourly rate.


Like people’s lives, divorce can be simple or complex. We can handle both. The way you manage your divorce can have life lasting consequences.

Our experience includes the fair separation of community and separate property assets. The appropriate division of liabilities are also carefully managed.

Additionally, our Woodland Hills family law lawyers’ expertise includes the fair adjudication of spousal and child support monetary awards.

Our California divorce lawyers will lay out a plan that will include action steps, time table, and cost. This will incorporate your unique goals for a reasonable and affordable fee.

We respect and admire clients who strive to educate themselves about California family law and the divorce process. For this reason you can click this link to connect directly to the Los Angeles Superior Court Family Law website.

Our California family law and child custody attorneys can assist in the following areas:

If you are the eccentric academic type, you can also click the following link and visit the California Family Law Code.

If you find yourself in an untenable domestic violence situation with no one to turn to for help, please contact the following domestic violence shelters for assistance.

Civil Litigation


The initial divorce process must be managed with wisdom, strategy, and fairness. If not handled properly your divorce can spin out of control. Any knee-jerk actions or reactions can affect custody orders. Additionally, inappropriate or ill thought-out strategies can have you paying or receiving more or less than you need or can afford.



Our California family law experience includes the fair separation of community and separate property assets. The appropriate division of liabilities are also carefully managed. Additionally, our Los Angeles family law attorneys expertise includes the fair adjudication of spousal and child support monetary awards.



Being threatened, or worse, physically assaulted is traumatic and long lasting. Your protection, and possibly your children’s safety, is priority. Our experience includes asserting and defending against domestic violence charges. Getting to the truth and taking decisive appropriate action is absolutely necessary.

Family law domestic violence hearings are actually mini-trials that have profound consequences.

A person who is found guilty of domestic violence could lose custody of their children, get removed permanently from the family residence, may not be able to collect spousal support, and can be charged a tremendous amount of attorney fees.

Do not even think of attempting to handle this by yourself. We have seen quite of few individuals state they will handle the hearing by themselves.

“After all I’ll just tell the judge what happened. What could possibly go wrong?” said one disappointed litigant.

lgbt same sex

LGBT SAME SEX DIVORCE/PARTNERSHIP AND PARENTAGE: If you are facing the end of a same sex relationship, our attorneys will help make sure that your interests are protected. Same sex relationships face the same issues as heterosexual relationships: division of property, support, and child custody and visitation. Our attorneys have experience handling same sex divorces, dissolution of domestic partnerships, and parentage actions. We can help you, too.

To reduce your fees, minimize stress, shorten the time your case takes and maximize your legal outcome, please provide the following:

1) Type a brief story: Be truthful, brief, and indicate all positive important actions you have taken regarding your children and assets and debts. Also state anything that the opposing party has done that negatively affected your children or the assets and debts. Type out your story in a timeline of approximately two pages.

2) Fill-in your financial forms: If you are not married, fill in your Income and Expense Declaration form. If you are married, you must also fill in a Schedule of Assets and Debts form.

3) Type what you want: Indicate what your preferred custody plan is. State what you are seeking regarding income and division of assets and debts. This should be approximately two pages as well.

4) Documents: Gather, copy, organize, and provide any document you can easily access that could support or substantiate the above three items.

We welcome your calls. Keep in mind, unlike other establishments, our firm’s policy is not to over-charge for telephone calls, faxes or copies. In many instances, our firm will charge a flat fee for services.

“Thank you for your trust.” –Mitchell Sperling, Esq.

“Our mission is to cost effectively negotiate, mediate, or, if necessary, litigate, a fair settlement.”

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“Big firms, with even bigger bills” is not an exaggeration.

Consider this quote from Los Superior Court, then-presiding family law judge, Aviva Bobb, from a bar association meeting in September 2002. “By the time we see [divorce] cases in court, most people have spent all their community assets on the divorce itself.”

Also according to Presiding California Family Law Judge Marjorie Steinberg in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, May 4, 2008, if a couple can get a divorce for $100,000 in Los Angeles, Judge Steinberg considers that “pretty cheap.”

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